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All Songs and Lyrics arranged, composed and performed by Steffi Henn & Christina Hecke

Vocals written and performed by Steffi Henn 

The Beauty Within / Where Do You Come From / Who Are You / Everything / Resurrection / Claiming Back / What If / You Are The Universe To Me / Hast Du Jemals / Wenn Du Aufwachst / The Beauty Within (Wake Up Version)

Vocals written and performed by Steffi Henn & Christina Hecke:

Beautiful / You Or Me

Piano written and performed by Christina Hecke ( LIVE recorded Steinway )

Choir performed by Steffi Henn, Christina Hecke, Andrea Leonhardi:

You Or Me / The Beauty Within (Wake Up Version) / Resurrection

Instruments played by Urs Fuchs:

The Beauty: Cajon, Bass, Guitar

Resurrection: Guitar, Bass

Where Do You Come From: Double Bass, Guitar, Shaker

Claiming Back: Double Bass

Who Are You: Bass, E- Guitar, Shaker

You or Me: Bass, E-Guitar, Cajon

The Beauty Within ( Wake up Version) : E-Guitar, Bass, Guitalele

Co Arrangements by Urs Fuchs: 

Where Do You Come From / Who Are You / The Beauty Within ( Wake up Version)

Violin by Brendan Mooney: Claiming Back

All Songs recorded by Urs Fuchs / Joyfull Music Studio

Engineered Mixed &Mastered by Michael Benhayon GM Records

Photos by Anne Pleli, Steffi Henn, Christina Hecke

Name Inspiration by Claudia Pitt

Homepage Design: Steffi Henn

Homepagedesign support by Karen Adams

Design& Layout Kelly Benhayon

Inspiration, Guidance and unconditional Support by Serge Benhayon

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